When it rained..

It rained heavily that night. When you’re completely surrounded by insomnia and things like that, you need something (anything!) to be happening in the late hours of the night that can make your mind busy for some time. Taking the opportunity, I walked to the window of my room and opened it with a slide…

The race of drops. That hundred thousand, million, billion meters race. Each drop of water, one after another, striking the ground and splashing away. The clayey loamy textured soil getting wet, and in-return producing the most amazing scent of the world.

The sound of leaves catching the rain drops was as harsh as anyone can hardly imagine. It thundered and lightened inside my head. The wind speed exceeded and trees were as they were just about to eradicate. Sky tuned red and the spookiness spread all over in the surrounding atmosphere.

I took my fist out of the window and uncurled the fingers. When the first drop hit the palm of my hand, it felt icy-cold. I stood there for hours and a moment came when my fingers wrinkled and pain slashed. Lately, I got it all numb and blacked out.

I don’t remember anything afterwards other than that my eyes opened in the bed next morning.


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