Marriages be like..

OK so I personally have no interest in getting married like other girls at my age have. There’s no doubt that I’ll be marrying someone someday for sure! But it’ll be JUST because I’D HAVE TO – social issues, social insecurities, Islamic perspectives and much more reasons to count..

But guess what! It’s really really exciting for me to enjoy someone else’s marriage,JLBooth_Counselling_Marriage_Preparation_Program_Logo
which becomes more exciting when it’s the wedding of your one and only sister.

Yes my sister’s getting married in one of coming months of winter 2014, most probably! It scares me. The room which we shared will scare me when she won’t be on the bed next to me. Even the thought of  going away, the separation of souls is so terrifying.

I have to live all alone from now on – is the scariest thought..

Time will fly away from my hands and I won’t be able to catch it the same ever again! It’s just like releasing a pigeon in the air with your own hands knowing that you won’t be able to catch it again. You don’t want to but you have to.

No gossips. No late night chats. No Chinese cuisine which she cooked. No cries. No smiles. No nothing.  Though we weren’t so similar but we had each other which was enough.

You never realize the value of something or anything until it’s gone or snatched away from you. This is what’s going to happen with me. I am nothing and I won’t be anything without her. I love her as she is. I love her for everything! And I am going to miss her a lot and a lot more!



  1. Ahhhhhh……..thats really so hurting…….even if sisters live happy joyful life, sister left behind misses her badly.
    May your sister be valued and loved in her new life by the man, she will live with.


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