This is the story of July, 2013 (draft-to-be-posted)

I fear death and old-age more than anything else. Not actually my own death but of the people I love, people around me.. I cannot see them shutting off their lives in front of me. I can’t. I just can’t. Knowing that it’s absurd and Allah shuns a person who doesn’t accept the utter realities that he is being told since childhood. Whenever someone’s sick, I feel like depressed and couldn’t get any better un-till or unless they get fine.

My Grandma had very tough days last month. She’s probably 82 and has been suffering from osteoporosis since a couple of years, because of which she’s unable to walk well. A sufferer of high blood pressure, piles and some heart related issues. She can’t sleep well even in normal days when she ain’t that sick because she has to run into the bathroom every hour or so. And if she won’t, her sphincters may loose.

In the fourth week of the last month, on July 26th, the night of lai-la-tul-qadr, fever took hand over her. I went into her room and sat by her. She began to tell me about the pain in her overall body and even in the sections of the fingers. I held her hands and started cuddling them. Meanwhile she said something which left me silently shocked and unable to come up with a reply as I couldn’t find the ‘right words’.

She said: ‘I wish and I pray to Allah (God) that please take me as I am. Don’t break some more pain like a mountain over me. I can’t resist any more.’

She got better afterwards Alhumdulillah!

This is November and she’s sick again, of the sudden outbreak of extreme cold weather – frozen left arm with extreme pain and a lot more.

To all those who’re reading this, remember her in your prayers! This is the least and a lot that anyone can do. 🙂



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