I still remember my first day at University, gloomy, counting the next 1,459 days at that very unfamiliar place.
I never knew the days will pass in seconds- even nano seconds- what it seems like now. Never thought of coming to a full stop.
Time flew speedily and here we are! I miss our sleepless nights to complete the assignments, slides for presentation and some lame quizzes. I miss all of us copying the assignments of one another just an hour before submission.

We’ve been together for four years. We’ve been a family. We have some of those bundles of beautiful memories which will be with us – in our hearts – always and forever. Which will always put a smile on our faces.
I Thank everybody for being a part of this journey!
10th of June, 2015
This date will be remembered!
I am already missing each and everything of university, every member of my IIU-Family, every teacher, mentor and even every corner of our department.



  1. Oh wow! Many congratulations!

    Graduation is something I both look forward to and dread. It seems scary and exciting at the same time, taking on the next step of life. Best of luck to you!

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