Day: December 21, 2016

Continuous trauma

When I say trauma, I mean NUST – cutting the long story short.

I swear it’s like a pressure cooker situation bumbling upon your head. Like a bell always ringing. Whenever you’re about to take a nap for even a second, the bell rings. You can’t sleep! You can’t even breathe! A string remains attached. OHTs, lab reports, quizes, assignments, reviews, reports, presentations and stuff is always and always there knocking the door endlessly like an annoying neighbour asking for something and not leaving even if you ignore them.

You have to study every f****** second! No break, no nothing. Either, you’ll fail the course. Adding another thing, you’ll study the hellll lot but there will always be that one person in the class who knows that one point you don’t know *how could you do this to me! lol* and your grade’s ruined, big times!

At the end, being a NUSTian, I love everything about NUST except this super imposed education (cramming, specifically) burden and not allowing the students (poor souls) to even breathe – they always have their breaths stuck in their throats and you can see it in their eyes I swear! 😂