She’s weird

She grew weird, with each passing day. Distant herself from the people she loved. Maybe she was affraid of being vulnerable and loosing obviously. Ok so it never meant that the love vanished. They were in her heart every instance; with every step she took, every word she uttered and everytime she had a sip of tea. But yes she acted i-don’t-care-if-you-exist-or-not.

To her love was never a 24/7 thing. Meeting, chatting, and snapping: this wasn’t how she defined love. It’s not love for God’s sake! Love is just the value you give a person and only tell your heart about it. Not even ‘that’ person. You know it! Why would you express when your heart knows it? Why would you want that person to know?

Love is never expressing. It’s not even a give and take game. It should be there in your heart. It should be in missing them secretly, praying for them secretly, and lurking from behind the walls and watch them doing fine. And you’ll feel content. Cause why tell them when we know and that we consider it enough!


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