A mentor once said this to me that if you’re ever sad and your life is somehow low ever, make someone happy and you’ll feel it in your heart.

And now with each passing day I am realizing that making someone happy leads to your own happiness, it’s like inner satisfaction. Like you’ve done something really good and valuable to someone and they’re really happy with it, so you’re happy to be the reason of their happiness.

24th of August, 2015

It’s all about perception

“..something was happening, it was tearing me apart, bones by bones. But certainly I wasn’t able to feel the excessive pile of pain. Maybe because I had no clue what actually it was about or possibly I was drunk much. So all in all, honestly, what I only memorize is that I lost consciousness just like slipping into comma between the blinking shimmery lighted crowd and opened my eyes at this ‘very’ unfamiliar place.

Oh, excuse me, would it bother if I ask where am I?”