Nature and Me


‘Life had always been hard for me but I never told anyone what my problems were (I can’t even talk about them to myself), which is why everyone else discovered my life as layers and layer of secrets’, She thought. But suddenly realized that she’s here and this moment is so precious to her because she belongs right here. So she vanished all regretful and sentimental thoughts off her mind and..

Standing at the cliff-top, she thought of nothing but eternity. It was eternity for her to feel the way she felt. Both happy and sad. She couldn’t figure out how was it possible to be caught-up by happiness and sadness at the same time.

She cleared her mind again and started feeling the nature. Mountains speaking to her, answering every question she asks (even if they’re lame). Birds smiling at her – the hopeful kind of smile you know. Clouds passing by her with a warm, smooth touch (which is unexplainable now). She closed her eyes and started to breathe really smooth. This time, she experienced the most alluring feel ever. She felt the wind kissing her cheeks by clearing her face off the untangled hair with a soft gentle breeze.


Believe it or not but it’s not just a story in her head, it’s what actually happened.

Source: Roam the planet – Instagram