12:36 am
24th of September, 2015

Kuch log


There are some people who don’t speak much..
But they remain by your side always and forever!

The story never ended


My sketch



The wind blowing through my hair
The frost on the ground
The cold frigid airtumblr_lvh7hh0QG91qktfhro1_500
The chilled rushing sound

The love for caffeine
The fireplace heat
The foggy side window
The cold surface of my feet

The freezing hands
A blanket of feathers
Embraces the heat,
Blocks off the cold weather

The dark  silent nightswinter-night
The falling snow
Sadness all around
Peace everywhere

The slashing pain
Of these hopeless days
The tranquille streets
The fading lights

December is love.
December is peace.
December is to stay;
all way long.

Two questions

The questions I am often asked;

Why do I write abstractly? and,
Why do I paint – sketch abstractly?

My reply, always, is the same;
”What’s hidden is much more interesting to find than what’s obvious”

It’s within us – within all of us!


Accept the bitter reality.
Accept it barefaced.
Accept that it is within you.
You, yourself are the Devil – the Satan –  the Lucifer or whatever you may call it to be.


Every covetous body is an angler (fowler) here..
Whom will you escape from? Each soul is a devil here.

My Poetry

My poetry – Urdu translation

Her life

Brought up by her parents

Ruled by her husband

She wrote because writing brought her solace

And she needed solace to get herself out of a certain paroxysm.