A Dream To Do List

We live in a conservative society where a girl is brought-up by her parents and ruled by her husband. Even when she becomes independent, a string remains attached. Almost all of ”he’s” have the authority and command over her. It’s written if she will have a broad-minded-man or one with comparatively narrower mind set.

Taking no risks, I have dreams to be fulfilled before I get married!

On top of the list, is,

1. Visiting Egypt! 
People find it very lame to travel all way long just to bear extreme scorches and blisters of the desert. I don’t know why but pyramids have something that make me believe in them. The heights give me hope! They’re made up of broken brick pieces and hollow stones but still they stand still and tower with all the pride. The desert always tell you a secret story. Sometimes by waving a little bit of sand on to your face and sometimes knocking you with painful wind. The desert tells stories of slashing pain it’s bearing..

2. Paragliding
I missed an opportunity for paragliding last year in December I guess! My seniors in university were members of an Adventure Academy that arranged recreational activities for volunteers every month or so. I did my rock climbing session with them but *sigh* missed paragliding because I had my exams lined-up on the exact same dates. In my head it feels like when I will come back after paragliding, I would not be able to describe my experience in words. I will keep my eyes closed at the first minute skipping the concept of height, mountains and danger. And when I’ll open my eyes, I’ll see a deep green valley beneath, silence all around, following the wind patterns, mountains catching the glimpses of the sun. Watching the eagle in front of me, I’ll relax my hands, open my arms like a bird and fly! Fly in between the beauty of nature, communicating with eagle by telepathy, experiencing eternity. I’ll feel free with no past, present or future! Only me and those voices that have been stifled inside me for so long, stifled by haunting thoughts, by loneliness, by night terrors, the fear of change and the fear that everything will stay the same. As I’ll go higher, I’ll be distant from lame thoughts. I’ll find a way to communicate with mountains, to touch the blueness of the sky and to realize that I AM ALIVE! It will be ETERNITY!

3. Eiffel Tower – Paris
The dilapidated tower has nothing – in my opinion – but it’s the symbol of love. People like me who do not believe in love want to go there to experience the feeling! The tower which has nothing but rusted and corroded 7,300 tons of iron – I’m sorry if I may seem harsh but it’s my perception. How can it be a symbol of love? Because love is said to be beautiful with all the perfections. I admire Paris and Eiffel tower just to find out what’s in there? Why everybody feels love all around Paris? I want to find out the reasons..

4. Fly-boarding
Water and the fish feels! I imagine it to be amazing. Oh My God this is a dream which needs to be fulfilled at any cost. Underneath the water, there’s you and your heart beat which you are clearly able to hear. Water is peaceful underneath, it’s like meditating while diving in, staying there for as long as you can. You understand the fact that beneath the waves is an ocean of peace!

I wish and I hope, SOMEDAY! 🙂