From fear to love

OK so I am afraid of heights, not that on the extremes but a little. Call it a less intense phobia.

Standing at the grill-side, of the fourth flour, had many times seemed like a jolt of wind – flying down to hit the bottom end line of the floor. It seemed like things will fall from my hands and as I grabbed them more and more tightly, the fear of losing  became greater. Fallen things are hardest to pick. And that’s the fear. Well it’s not actually the fear I was afraid of but the suffering it will may cause afterwards..

Leave, lets not talk about the fear and the suffering it may cause (which is really very confusing), lets talk about LOVE (a fantasy world as most of people call it to be).

The things I grabbed tightly were the things I loved the most, things I never wanted to loose. That love is just a need and we don’t understand this realism. Our associations with things, our love for them is just a human-need-becoming-a-desire. Until or unless the need’s not fulfilled, you won’t let things fall by.. But once gratified, you’ll let things fall and there won’t be any regrets.

So all in my opinion, fear is suffering of fear and love is need. Fear can never replace love neither can love replace fear. The distance from fear to love is just a materialistic-human-desire. Nothing more than that. The ‘thing’ people call love, I call it a human-lusty-need. Fear is not bad itself but the suffering of fear is the worst!