Just some thoughts..

Expressing makes you vulnerable to pain
So silence is a choice you have
People want you to express
But trust me..
Stay silent, it has its charms
The eyes speak
Your posture speaks
You don’t have to let your tongue exercise
Words can never replace gestures
And feelings need not to be exposed
What’s hidden is much more interesting to find than the obvious.


The story never ended


My sketch

Two souls,
Soulmates infact!
Stuck in thoughts,
Connected but separate.

Afraid to confess,
Hard to express,
And difficult to reveal,
That ‘thing’ in the peace..

So they remained silent,
For months and years,
Silence had its charms,
Because it was real.

So they fell in love,
Not with love,
But with the charming silence,
And the story never ended.