Just some thoughts..

Expressing makes you vulnerable to pain
So silence is a choice you have
People want you to express
But trust me..
Stay silent, it has its charms
The eyes speak
Your posture speaks
You don’t have to let your tongue exercise
Words can never replace gestures
And feelings need not to be exposed
What’s hidden is much more interesting to find than the obvious.



The wind blowing through my hair
The frost on the ground
The cold frigid airtumblr_lvh7hh0QG91qktfhro1_500
The chilled rushing sound

The love for caffeine
The fireplace heat
The foggy side window
The cold surface of my feet

The freezing hands
A blanket of feathers
Embraces the heat,
Blocks off the cold weather

The dark  silent nightswinter-night
The falling snow
Sadness all around
Peace everywhere

The slashing pain
Of these hopeless days
The tranquille streets
The fading lights

December is love.
December is peace.
December is to stay;
all way long.

Freedom of expression

I’ve been playing with colors since childhood. They are my freedom-of-expression. Transforming a white paper into prismatic radiance is exhilarating. Color & I are one, I am a painter and I love it.


My painting 

It’s all about perception

“..something was happening, it was tearing me apart, bones by bones. But certainly I wasn’t able to feel the excessive pile of pain. Maybe because I had no clue what actually it was about or possibly I was drunk much. So all in all, honestly, what I only memorize is that I lost consciousness just like slipping into comma between the blinking shimmery lighted crowd and opened my eyes at this ‘very’ unfamiliar place.

Oh, excuse me, would it bother if I ask where am I?”