The therapy

Sometimes the only therapy you need is being with someone. Not talking about ANYTHING heavy or light. You just need someone to be there. To be there by your side. And you feel content, as if half of the world’s burden that you were feeling on your shoulders the other day, is no more there; vanished *pooof*. Your mind and your heart is at peace. Because words aren’t therapeutic, silence is.


The story never ended


My sketch

Two souls,
Soulmates infact!
Stuck in thoughts,
Connected but separate.

Afraid to confess,
Hard to express,
And difficult to reveal,
That ‘thing’ in the peace..

So they remained silent,
For months and years,
Silence had its charms,
Because it was real.

So they fell in love,
Not with love,
But with the charming silence,
And the story never ended.


She smelled love in the essence of silence..


Being a complete INSOMNIAC.
Nobody’s awake.
Passing with every tick of the clock.
Silence that not actually but actually cries a river.


Dear wordpress, I’m sorry I wasn’t writing for a long but I’m back with a sea of words. So here they go..!

There were things I wanted to say, but I remained silent.
The fear of rejection, abandonment and facings.
Time passed and I regretted.