Is this life?

“Time’s running short. Things are changing and we’re aging. And I don’t know how to deal with this constant fear of growing up..

Replacing elders and moreover being involved in the practicalities of life. Everything seems like on a rail rush, if you won’t run faster, you’ll lose it! You have to run and run and run and run as fast as you can. Either, people will crush you under their feet..

Is this life? Growing up and being constantly fearful that things won’t be the same as they used to be. That this very moment won’t revise ever!

I’m affarid of this sudden but not so sudden change!”, she thought to herself as the clock ticked 3:00am and she poked herself, put a couple of morning alarms on her phone (because who wakes up on a single alarm bell :D), closed her eyes and wished for a peaceful sleep after a real hectic day.



  1. well I still think 1990 was 10 years ago and 2004 seems like yesterday 😛 but yes time flies and you look at what year it is and say woah… where all those years between went by?, but its the memories that we remember not the years, life has become such machine like that or days pass by flying. No wonder everyone loves their childhood and teens the most. 🙂

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    1. Hey Akhiz! It’s good to have you as a visitor, long time! 🙂
      Hahah exactly yes! Such a melancholic and spooky thought it is. And yes, at the end of the day we’ve got a ton of memories that will last always and forever. Inside our heart, protected.

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